One day special screening!!


– Change yourself by New Hollywood-


No more boring days. No more boring cinemas.


You will see the world clearly on 11th of December.

What do we live for in these troubled times. You can find the answer in New Hollywood.

1960s and 1970s was the era of the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, student demonstrations, and hippie movement by the youth of that time. And Masterpieces were made in the turbulent eras against taboo. They brought change to the film industry bound by a regulatory system called the Hays Code .

How did Film-makers at the time live, what did they fight for, what did they want, and what did they leave behind?

Students from Vantan design school will show you the answer. Why dont we make a step for new era?  


Date: Sunday the 11th of December

Time schedule

1040  Open

1105〜 『Brewster McCloud

1310  Harold And Maude

1500~ Talk show

1530~ 『Taxi Driver

1740~ 『Easy Rider

Place: Cinemart Roppongi

Price: ADV/1,000 JPY  DOOR/1,200 JPY

One ticket for one movie